Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On a roll....

So, even though I posted last time about getting back on track, I didn't. No excuses. I suck. But NO MORE! I have been on track for the past 2 weeks!! I started using http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ to track everything I am eating and all of my exercise. Best of all, IT'S FREE!! It's great because the have an online community where you can post comments/questions for other members. I have several friends that are doing it now, as well. It's great because we can keep each other motivated and on track.

As far as exercise goes, I am doing a bunch of different things, to keep things interesting. I am meeting with a great personal trainer once a week, working on the couch to 5k program, P90x, and some exercise Wii games (Biggest Loser and Just Dance 2) I never realized Just Dance 2 has a "Just Sweat" program where you can keep track of your points, depending on how "hard" you are dancing.

So, since starting this blog, I have lost 17lbs!!! I lost 11 pounds when I first started and later failed to continue. Somehow, I managed to stay at the same weight for these past few months of my "suckiness". I have lost 6lbs in the past 2 weeks.  Yippeeee!!!! I am currently at 168 lbs. This is the first time I have been in the 160's in many years. So, the goal is 140-145 lbs. I'm on my way! NO stopping me now!

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  1. Good for you Carolyn! I have gotten better at my eating but just can't seem to get the exercise jolt I need. I look at Jace and feel sad he has a fat mom but then I don't do anything. This is a very tough issue for me....