Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick update

I just wanted to give you all a quick update as to my progress recently. Sadly, I didn't lose that 1 lb I was hoping for, taking me into the 150's, BUT I got my motivation for the week another way: measurements!

I lost 5 inches in these past 3 weeks! I am going to post my measurements from when I started with my trainer.

                                      June 27                                             August 22
Body fat %                     32.4                                                      29
BMI                                28.9                                                      26.6
R Arm                            11.5                                                      11
L Arm                            11.5                                                      11
R Thigh                          22.5                                                      20
L Thigh                          22.5                                                      20
Chest                              40                                                         39
Waist                              36                                                         34
Glutes                            42.25                                                    39.75

So, I started 30DS on 8/14. I am doing it every day, except the days I workout with my trainer (M,W). This week, I've added in a couple of runs, to make SURE I don't see another goosegg this week. I am only running my short route, 2.4 miles. I am very excited to say that I just beat my time from 8/2 of 32:36 by 5 minutes today. My time was 27:37, I'm finally seeing a change in my endurance. Hopefully soon I'll be able to run it w/out stopping!

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